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Welcome to Jayara’s table.

Jayara's table is a love child of my husband Singh and I (Sheetal).  Hubby, who is also the chef wanted to bring a new concept to the Indian table. After some research we realised many do not know about the Indian French connection and the influence it had on the Indian cuisine. Foreign invasions played a major role in influencing Indian cuisine and French colonization was one of them. The union territory of Pondicherry (now Puducherry) in southern India was under a French colony for nearly 200 years. During this time, the techniques, ingredients and spices brought to this region fused with the local approach created an entirely unique Indian fusion cuisine. There were various kinds of fusion, but we concentrated on those that have incorporated signature French components into them. It resulted in different and, perhaps a bit more subtle and refined taste.  We integrated French cooking techniques, ingredients and meat in our kitchen creating light and flavoursome curries. We hope you can taste the love and passion that has gone into the making of our love child.

We wanted to be different and inspired by French-Creole community in Pondicherry “Jayara’s table, Indian cuisine with a French influence” was born.

“bon appétit”, as they say it.

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